Through our extensive monitoring service, Poster Audit Bureau has expanded the services that it provides to PML Group clients. Below are the main services Poster Audit Bureau can bring to your Out of Home advertising campaign.


Our team of inspectors take photographs of every Out of Home and ambient media campaign that hits the streets. We provide photos of campaigns in-situ within the first few days of posting.
Our database of photographs stretches back over 20 years and covers more than 48,000 out of home executions.

Benefits to Clients:

  • Proof of campaign in-situ

  • Images of client's competitive campaigns are e-mailed to all relevant parties as and when they are active

  • Our database of photos is an excellent resource for ideas and for pitch situations


Out of Home advertising in general and individual Out of Home advertising sites are constantly changing. Seasons change, roads are built, buildings go up or come

down... panels are being erected or replaced on an ongoing basis.

Because each and every panel is inspected every cycle, we are continually updating our live system with the latest information on new and existing sites.

Benefits to Clients:

  • No unsuitable sites booked

  • Guarantees a minimum standard/quality of sites used in PML Group campaigns.


As with other media, there are restrictions and regulations in place as to where and towards whom Out of Home advertising can be targeted. It is essential for our clients that their advertising is not displayed in areas where they should not be.

PML Group, through Poster Audit Bureau, has been at the forefront of initiatives to ensure social responsibility is at the heart of our campaign planning.

For example, PML Group introduced restrictions on our alcohol campaigns being within 100 metres of a school in 2002. This was later implemented across the industry and is now part of the alcohol regulatory code on Out of Home advertising. Poster Audit Bureau was responsible for identifying the sites that would be affected by such a restriction and implementing the restrictions on these sites.

Our live system ensures that any changes to regulations are immediately incorporated into our booking processes.

Benefit to Clients:

  • Avoidance of censure or poor publicity surrounding misplaced advertising displays.


Our team of inspectors covers the entire country every two weeks. Therefore, we are in a unique position to maintain our database of mapped sites and businesses.

Poster Audit Bureau proves the raw data for PML Group’s Pinpoint Mapping service.

As part of the campaign planning process, client service teams in PML and Source

will often need to target certain types of businesses. For example, car advertisers may want to target their or competitor dealerships, film clients may want to target cinemas. With inspectors on the ground we can keep databases of businesses fully updated.

Benefits to Clients:

  • Ensure greater efficiency in targeted campaigns.

  • Access to business sets and updated site lists.


Our team can advise on all aspects of the production side of your Out of Home campaigns. This ranges from paper used, to printing process, to safe copy areas. It is all part of ensuring PML Group campaigns look as good on the streets as they can possibly be. For a detailed Production Guide click here.

Benefits to Clients:

  • Avoid costly printing errors

  • Ensures the execution appears on street as it was intended in the design


When advertisers or ad agencies book Out of Home campaigns, it is often the case that they are not fully aware of the nature and location of every site on the schedule. Where a client wishes, they can avail of a site tour to see where potential sites are and to assess their suitability for their campaign objectives.

Benefits to Clients:

  • Knowledge of the environment their campaign will be placed

  • Peace of mind that the sites are suitable in terms of their campaign objectives.