The core function of our company is the Out of Home advertising monitoring service that we provide. We are the only dedicated monitoring company in Ireland in this industry.


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When an advertiser books an Out of Home campaign they are putting their faith in their poster specialist and the media owners to ensure that they get exactly what they pay for…and that is where we come in!

Although posting errors are relatively rare in the industry, it is important that campaigns are checked to ensure all is in order and that any issues that there may be are rectified as soon as possible. Posters are exposed to the elements and weather conditions can have a bearing on the

presentation of the campaign on the street. It is a crucial service in maintaining trust, protecting our clients’ investment and maintaining the reputation of ourselves and our industry.

Our monitoring service covers 100% of Out of Home advertising panels across the Island of Ireland. It is only through such a complete service that the following types of issues are identified and corrected:


  • Damages to posted sites

  • Sites not posted

  • Weather damaged sites

  • Printing errors

  • Non-compliance of regulatory codes such as existing alcohol advertising restrictions

Our service is totally independent of media owners and for the advertiser this guarantees transparency and accountability in the Out of Home campaigns they book.